Presenting with impact

Great leaders speak and present with impact. Their words inform, persuade, and they move hearts and minds. Start your journey to becoming a better speaker with a free 30-minute session where we explore your requirements.

Who’s it for?

Pete Roxburgh’s Presenting With Impact is for anyone who wants to present or speak with confidence and with impact.

Pete trains and coaches regional and global leaders within many industries, including tech, Pharma, and banking, and across multiple disciplines such as HR, communications, project and change management, and software development.

Why Presenting With Impact?

Leaders who move, inspire, and engage with their words deliver on strategy, produce exceptional results, and constantly advance their careers. Public speaking and presenting are core skills for anyone who wants to succeed regardless of their field or industry.

How does it work?

Pete provides both 1-2-1 and group training on presentation skills. He also provides 1-2-1 presentation coaching. His approach blends theory and practice, and it is always fun, engaging and, above all, highly effective.

What will I learn?

Pete delivers the Presenting With Impact program over ten one-hour sessions where the focus is on practice, feedback, and improvement. Each participant receives a 200-page guide full of practical techniques supported by real-world examples. After you have completed the Presenting With Impact program, you will be able to:

  • Identify your audience and understand their needs
  • Define the purpose and goals of your presentation
  • Structure and arrange an informative presentation
  • Provide meaningful support to your key messages, including story telling
  • Craft words that move and inspire your audience
  • Develop excellent slide-decks
  • Use your voice to maximum effect
  • Use your space, whether online or in-person, to create maximum impact
  • Work within different environments (online, in-person, miked-up, etc)
  • Handle any audience question or objection
  • Deliver your presentations with serious impact

Individual coaching focuses on your specific needs and requirements. Pete delivers sessions ad hoc or as part of a personalised skills development program.

Next Steps

Contact me now to start your journey to become a better speaker with a free 30-minute session where we explore your requirements.