Career Coaching

Our careers are a major part of our lives. How we spend our time working impacts our finances, personal growth, mental health, and relationships. By taking control of your career, you shape your own future health, wealth, and happiness.

Whether you're considering a career change, focusing on promotion, exploring becoming self-employed, or starting a business, I can help you move toward your goal. And even if you're not sure at this point, I can help you find your future direction.

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If you're looking for specific skills and techniques to land your dream job, my career skills training program will help you:

  • develop a CV that opens doors to interviews
  • create a LinkedIn Profile that works for you
  • develop communication channels that present your professional persona
  • promote a social media presence to be proud of
  • find multiple job opportunities
  • find job opportunities that are not posted publicly
  • reframe your thinking on the interview process
  • learn and practise handling any interview questions
  • master competency-based interviews
  • develop a confident and professional attitude to interviews.

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